Sunday, July 1, 2007

About Kits and the Story of How I Blew My Scrapbooking Budget

Whew. Today has been super busy. Full of running errands and cleaning the house, paying bills and all that kind of grown-up life stuff.

Since I haven't had a chance to make anything new today, I will just post some stuff I have already made. This one is my favorite of the vacation book so far.

Like my new shades? I had to buy them in Walgreens in SF. My old ones got broken on the plane ride down to CA. I think I stepped on them...

It's really interesting working with a product kit, esp from one line. I kind of like it.

In fact, working with the Toby creative kit inspired me to purchase other kits.

I completely blew my scrapping budget for June (but I'm telling myself it's okay because my tuition reimbursement finally came through last paycheck).

As you saw from yesterday, I ordered the Shabby Rockstar kit from SIS, the limited edition Happiness Is ____ kit from Kristina Contes, and the June Red Velvet Art paper kit (hasn't come yet, as I ordered late in the month). Also, I have a package from Two Peas with a bunch of Fontwerks stamps and other goodies on the way.

Soooo cool.

I am actually trying really hard to do something scrappy everyday.

I currently have ambitions to start doing an altered playing card a day, as well as try and get stuff in on time for One Little Word and The Dares.

So, really, it is a good thing I have all these fabulous supplies to work with....

Hope your weekend was great!


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