Sunday, July 22, 2007

And now, back to the studio...

One of my fav quotes from Bridget Jones' Diary.

I figured it was high time that I posted about my happy place--my scrap space. I have an Ikea Mikael desk squished in the corner of my bedroom that I have crammed full of scrap/crafty goodness.

It took a lot of work to come up with a storage system that works for me/did not break the bank. I'm pretty happy with it now, but I know it's still evolving.

The hardest part for me is that I really don't have a lot of space to scrap. Just my tiny little corner desk. So, I have to really "make it work."

One thing that helped was having a uniform storage set. I basically went out and bought ALL of this cool office set on clearance from Target. It all matches--black with silver hardware. I lurve it. Ties everything together visually, and is of appropriate size.

So, here is a little bit about how I store my stuff:

I store my decorative scissors in a pen cup. That way they look like a happy lil bunch of scissor-y flowers.
Yes, I do store my little scraps in a vase. I must see things to use them!

I have one big magnetic bulletin board that I use for inspiration/weird size product storage. I got these neat little magnetic baskets from the back-to-school locker stuff section. Fits my Elsie stamps perfectly.

My other bulletin board is half cork and half magnetic dry erase. I bought a bunch of those little silver tins (originally wedding favor tins) and glued magnets on the back. Waaaay cheaper than buying the ready made spice racks and the other stuff I saw at the office supply store.

(Before I did that though, I had found these scented candles in the same kind of tins that I scraped the candle out of.. that worked alright but it was super messy and my embellies kind of smelled like the candles did...)

I have a pen cup on my desk for pencils, etc. There is a fake hydrangea flower bunch on top. So it looks like it's just a vase, but there are pens in there. Just a little thing that is cute, camoflaging something kind of boring.
I keep all my buttons in those Ikea spice jars. I keep my ribbon in vases. Again, must see it or I will forget it is there.

I also have black open-top metal boxes where I store paint and my extra stamp stuff.
I have a thing for spiral bound notebooks... and those little Real Simple organizer books (begging me to alter them, begging!)
My paper and paper-like items (vinyl sheets, fabric, foam, felt) I store in Cropper Hopper holders on a shelf.

I keep my transparencies, photo paper and b&w cardstock in a separate paper holder shelf thing from the office supply store. It's made of cardboard, and I am currently looking for a replacement item for it.

Also not pictured is my scanner/printer which is on the top shelf of my desk. It's just above my head, so I have to be careful to always put the little printer arm out when I print stuff or I get smacked in the forehead with the finished paper.

This is what the desk looks like on a neat scrapping day:

You probably don't want to know what it looks like when I am doing multiple projects or painting.(shudder) know how it is.....

Questions? Comments?

What kind of stuff do you use for your scrappy space?


Binky said...

aww its soo cute!! You have always been the tidy type!

jenn said...

your scrappy space looks fun :) im in the middle of setting up my new space since moving.. in progress pics are being posted on my blog today

MadameCupcake said...

i'm totally redoing our spare room at the moment and trying to fit in my crafty stuff and our two computers...but when do, i'll post pics on my blog!

(and thanks for the encouragement on the job! my first REAL day is thursday, so i'll blog about how that went.)

anyhoo, hope all is well! i totally love your corner desk!

MadameCupcake said...

heyyy chickie, i posted an update of my scrap space! pictures and all :) just thought you might be interested. ciao!

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