Sunday, July 15, 2007

More of the vacation book

It's official. This is not a mini-book. This is a freaking albumn. Just of a smaller size.
I'm at page 17 and I still have three days of vac left to scrap. Wowza. Good thing I stocked up on all that Toby goodness.
I am completely in love with that picture of Greg and I at the beach. You may have guessed by now, we're not exactly the type of couple that goes and lies on the beach to get a little sun. (did my paleness give it away?)
We basically ran into the Pacific Ocean (at the end of Golden Gate Park). We walked up to it. I put my feet in the sand, then we left (we were kind of starving by that point).
The second layout shows the windmill and bison (yes, bison) that we found in the Golden Gate park. The background pp is a transparency I stamped with paint. I think it looks cool.

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