Tuesday, July 3, 2007

V. Good

Hope the peeps that have tomorrow off enjoy themselves. My condolences to all of you that have to work. Hopefully you at least get some sweet holiday-rate pay to compensate.

I for once, will not be working on a holiday. I intend to scrap my little hands off. Do I want my mini-book done? Oh yes I do. Hopefully I will get to finish it.

Here is today's card. (so proud of myself for doing it!)

For this one I pulled out my box of non-scrapping scraps. Memorabilia, I guess. What I call it is just a fun box of some random paper "junk" I've accumulated. This card is made of ink, cardstock, pocky package, fontwerks stamp, tissue paper, date stamp and as always, my beloved Dymo labels.
I almost put some sequined tape on, but I held myself back.
G says my scrapping style reminds him of a crazy victorian disneyland christmas.
Men just don't understand.

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