Monday, August 20, 2007

In My Honest Opinion

This Is Me journal entry #1.

Just did a lil scenic route paper, some fontwerks stamps, gel pens and a lot of stream of conciousness journaling. It doesn't make a lot of sense but it looks pretty cool.


solopoesie said...

M I call Ange. Linen. I find myself in yours blog, would have made it appeal to to read yours me written, mom I do not know the language. I know English scarcely.
mine blog and of sun poetries, not to tuttipiacciono poetries, but and therefore that my spirit espime in the solitudine moments.
If you want to come to visit would make it appeal to it me, because your passage lascerebbe a beautiful track and could come from every you festivitò to carry my auguries to you. I waited for to you? thanks Good day Angela

Kara said...

Very cool! I think I'm gonna probably jump on the This is Me journal wagon to. I think I should just follow you around and copy everything you do, you're so awesome!

Eee... I sound like a stalker.

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