Monday, August 6, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed....

made from: elsie (roxy math class), cardstock, dymo label, magic mesh and MM word sticker.
The "I wish!"thing isn't meant to be negative.
It's more like "YES I DO WISH!"

I keep trying to turn my "someday" fantasies into reality. We'll see how it goes....

Just spent some time submitting stuff to Creating Keepsakes for publication. The hardest part is listing all the stuff that I used on my layout. Oh yes, and the waiting. That part is really hard too.

(I think some of my friends are laughing at me now...Patience is sooo not one of my strong points.)

I think it would be completely awesome to see my stuff in a magazine. A shiny glossy magazine. Online is cool and all, and I completely LOVE all the positive feedback that all my online friends share with me (really keeps me going; you guys are the BEST), but well, it's a magazine. It's paper and real, and you know how I am about paper....

Another thing is, I also recently applied to be a member on a kit club design team. The deadlines/announcements are coming up so I keep obsessively checking my email....

Again with the waiting! Arrrggghhh.

Ahem.... back to reality. Hope you had a fantastic Monday.

Registration for CKC Seattle opens up on Wednesday. I'm so excited even though it is not until November. I really hope I can get into the classes I want. I am totally thrilled by the thought of taking a class from Shimelle or Ali E.

That's it for tonight. Got some fun stuff coming up... like mebbe a RAK or a contest or a vote for my new blog banner. You know.... stuff.


Peace out yo.

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Laurie said...

Sending good vibes your way on getting pub'd! I know exactly what you mean! Love that photo in your sidebar with the vente starbucks!! YUMMO!

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