Wednesday, August 1, 2007

...On the hoarding of cuteness

Card made from: BasicGrey Phoebe papers, Elsie cardstock (pink), ink and dymo label.
Do you ever buy something because you thought it was cute? And then you get it home and were like, "Oh, this is too awesome, I need to save this for something special..." and it just kind of sat there, unused? And then maybe you felt guilty that you bought something that you weren't using?
That's how I felt about this BasicGrey paper... I was terrified to cut into it. I mean, check out the cuteness of it...
Today I finally made myself face the fact that I didn't just own this paper. I was hoarding it.
I also realized that I absolutely should not feel any kind of guilt about anything to do with my art.
So I let it go. I made myself cut the papers. And you know what? It is okay.
So glad I do these cards. I love that I am discovering new things about how to be creative and also about how my creative side works.
I had totally chickened out at the thought of using these papers on a full layout... but a little card? That I can do. And now that I have cut into my pretty paper, I can use it all up.
Happy August!


A.S.K.-P. said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It is just TOO CUTE!

Siany said...

So so so cute!! Love that paper, but hated the trend at the time, so now I wish I'd bought it!! I so know what you mean too about cutting into your new papers!! xx

Kara said...

I'm totally like that with paper too. Love the card!

MadameCupcake said...

i think pretty much everyone hoards!! i have many a hoarded paper! haha but i just love all your creativity and your cards always turn out so awesome!!

Ady said...

cute card. I love that paper too. But, I cut it up and used the heck out of it. Total justification... Have a great one.

miss morgan... said...

i too get caught in the hoarding circle sometimes! thanks for the inspo!

Jessica said...

i am also addicted to the basic grey phoebe papers...those birds are way too darling!

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