Saturday, August 25, 2007

One week to go...

and then it's my favorite month of the year. Ah September how I love you.

Here's a list of why I love September and cannot wait for it to arrive:

1. I love that back to school feeling. You know that movie "Got Mail?" There's a line that Meg Ryan says that's like, "I love New York in the fall." and then Tom Hanks is all like, "I would get you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils." That line totally resonated with me. That would be the best fall bouquet ever!

2. Scrappy goodness will soon be here. Sept 1st heralds the full view of some kits that I will promply be ordering (if I haven't already pre-ordered). Yes, I am dipping into my fall shoe budget for scrap supplies. It's unheard of, but I can't resist.

Sweet Spuds paper kit and project kit both look fantastic. Loving the whole rad/sweet punk thing that is going on. V. excited to play with Bam Pop as I haven't used it before. Are those ninja penguins awesome, or what?

Also, Red Velvet Art Kit Club looks to have something promising. I am totally excited by the guest designers they have. Silje and Michelle? Too cool for school.

As of now, they I still haven't been able to find Jack + Abby for sale online (yes I know it's pre-selling at SIStv but I want to buy certain individual items that are not packaged together) Come on Two Peas! Gimme some luv!


3. The weather. Best weather all year. Not too hot, not too cold.

4. Fall fashions. Velvet? Check. Cords? Check. Leather boots? Check

5. Upcoming vacation. I always procrastinate and end up taking vacation in September (we have a use it or lose it policy based on our fiscal year). I gots two four-day weekends to look forward to. Can you say "play time?"

6. The relationship anniversary. We always do something fun, like a trip, or a whole date day.. But with a trip to Europe in the works for next June it looks like we are staying home this time.

Have a fantastic day!


shelly b said...

I love the Fall...and being a teacher..I get that first day of school tingle every year..can't wait to throw on a sweatshirt and hat! And CAN'T wait to get the sweet spuds kit!

Binky said...

Hey, September is also Gracie, your niece's birthday!

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