Monday, September 17, 2007

Daily Cards (and my struggle with technology)

yay! the internet is finally working!

so sorry for the delay, but have had no internet at home, or the connection has been soo shabby it wasn't even worth it to try to connect. But it seems we are back now! (cuz the repair guys just left)

Also, yesterday I had to go out to the store two times for ink cartridges as my printer was all screwy and printing everything in red....

anyway, time for some updates!!!

Daily Card 09-13
Card made from: Sweet Spuds September kit, dymo.

Daily Card 09-14
Card made from: ink, Toby scrap, origami paper, cardstock, paper flower, gel pen.

Daily Card 09-15
Card made from: Toby fabric paper, paint chip, crossword puzzle, graph paper, cardstock, ink.

Daily Card 09-16
Card made from: ink, photo

Daily Card 09-17 Card made from: Sweet Spuds September kit, dymo, cardstock, ink.

1 comment:

Spud said...

LMAO!!! Ninguins!!!! Love it!!!

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