Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Internets.... I miss you.

I have no internet at home right now.. thus the lack of posting.

At least this time it's not because something caught on fire.
No... instead our service is just out for no reason.

Lots of good things to post when it's back up though.
- Some Daily Cards
- A pic of a new crafty project I'm working on.
- My Category Stories Crush
- A (This is Me) Secret

and a few other things.

Also, I got my Dares book. It's sooooo good. I love it.
Now if only the Effer site would start working.... Seriously going into withdrawals at this point...

And.... Elsie posted some pics of a make and take she did recently on her blog. It looks like she did a little mini book made out of playing cards and her fabric paper. I think it's very cute and also clever.

Oooooh. Sneak peeks of the Oct Sweet Spuds kit is up on the Sweet Spuds Blog. It's looks super cute. (can you say, Jack + Abby?)

Okay, there's a little update for now. Hopefully when I get home from work the internet will be working and I get post all my pretty little pictures.

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