Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summer SIS ATC Swap

This summer I participated in my first Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap. It was sooo much fun to do. (When I did mine, I totally got my hands covered in Gesso and then they kind of stuck to everything...but it was still tons of fun)

Anyway, I got some happy mail love yesterday. Check it out!

This is the amount of postage I put on my self-addressed return envelope. Better safe than sorry, I say.
Here are some pretty pictures of all of them together.
And this is how I'm storing them. In one of my repurposed naked binders. (you remember those right?) I have to store it flat for now, until I can figure out a better way to store them.
I think this looks pretty cool though. I might just take one of the smaller binders and build the spine so it will just sit up like this (like a rolodex kinda)

In fact, since I really like the way this looks I'm wondering if I could mount a binder spine to my corkboard for some hanging storage. Hmmmmm....


Nicole Hinrichs said...

Wow this looks great all those cards. The hanging storage is a neat idea. have a great sunday
nicole hinrichs

Lisa said...

how cool! i want to do a ATC swap!!

Siany said...

That binder looks fantastic!! Awesome idea! And all your cards look great!! xx

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