Tuesday, October 30, 2007

25 Things to Do Before I Turn 26

Seen this topic out there a lot, and I think it's a fun one.

I actually haven't gotten around to doing a layout about it yet... But today I was working on my to-do list and this seemed particularly appropriate.

Seeing as how my birthday isn't till January 2nd, I figure I'm probably going to be able to do some pretty serious damage to this list.... I hope....

  1. learn how to solder
  2. buy a new camera
  3. make another batch of from-scratch cinnamon rolls
  4. make my own Christmas ornaments
  5. get a massage
  6. post a mini-book tutorial on my blog
  7. make a loaf of no-knead bread
  8. get rid of all the clothes and shoes I haven’t worn for at least two years.
  9. take my boots to the cobbler
  10. get my last few dental appointments taken care of
  11. take scrapbooking classes
  12. take my coffee master certification exam
  13. take longer walks
  14. plan my trip to Europe
  15. track my spending habits and establish a budget so I can afford #14
  16. learn how to use alcohol inks
  17. take more photos
  18. get new glasses
  19. spend more time with G
  20. get renter’s insurance
  21. doodle more
  22. spend more time with my friends
  23. learn to use a sewing machine
  24. learn to emboss
  25. take a photography class

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