Friday, October 12, 2007

Daily Cards

wow. that flu totally kicked my butt. and apparently, my will to blog...

it doesn't help that our internet is still as about as reliable as... well.. something that's not reliable.
....but I'm back people. that's the important thing! Daily Cards are up!!!

Daily Card 10-05

card made from: patterned paper scraps, ink and dymo. Also, my rockin new stamp. Awww yeah.

Daily Card 10-06
card made from: basic grey and elsie stamps, dymo, ink. have I mentioned that I have a fishnet patterned stamp? it makes me so incredibly happy.

Daily Card 10-07
card made from: magazine, ink, dymo

Daily Card 10-08

card made from: RVA kit leftovers, cardstock, papyrus, ink.

Daily Card 10-09

card made from: internet image (I think posted at some point by someone at SiS), ink dymo.

Daily Card 10-10

card made from: postcard, ink

Daily Card 10-11

card made from: cardstock, dymo, scraps, ink.

Daily Card 10-12

card made from: transparencies, ink, dymo.


Jill Deiling said...

cute daily cards!! i had the flu all week too, its no fun! have a great weekend!

shelly b said...

all of your cards are awesome!

Gio said...

I love your daily cards. Ciao from Italy!

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