Friday, October 5, 2007

Hey, long time no blog...

I just realized that I really haven't posted like, a bloggy post in ages.

So, what's been going on with me? Well.... October is one of my favorite months, but this year, it's turned cold really early. There was snow up in the passes this week! It's great though, I finally get to wear my lovely knee boots and break out my trusty velvet jackets without dying of heat exhaust.

Here's a pretty fall photo that I took the other day in a random parking lot. It was raining at the time. This just feels like fall to me, at least here in the city.

Work has been ramping up lately. It's the beginning of our fiscal year, so I've been working like crazy on a bunch of new projects.

I've also been working like crazy on a bunch of craft projects. Just experiments really. Trying new techniques. Nothing with a finished product yet though, except the stuff I'm doing for my daily cards. Just playing around and learning. Enjoying making ART.

Here is a picture of my desk right now. It is a complete mess. I love how totally destroyed my craft mat is. It makes me so proud when I look at it. It's proof that I make stuff. That I can play and get my hands dirty and make something fun.

October has not been a good month for my checkbook however. There was a lot of really good stuff that just came out, so since I got a pay raise recently, I decided to splurge a little.

Red Velvet Art put together a very lovely kit for October. Can't wait to get that.

I'm also really excited for their project kit this month, especially because it's designed by Elsie.

Speaking of Elsie, she posted the most amazing mini-book on her blog the other day. Sigh. I love it so.

Kristina Contes (the amazing and fabulous genius that she is), designed a collection for Scrap In Style TV. The papers are based off of paintings she did. Also, it has a wooden postcard and lots of other yummies. I mean, how sexy is this?

So I had to buy it. Since SIS is my primary hang out place online, I decided to bump myself up to their premium membership level at the same time. Sadly, my order has an expected delivery date of October 9th. Sigh.Then, Kristi also posted that she had some spare class kits for sale on her blog. Having received her Happiness Is ___ class kit and had it freaking revolutionize the way I think about mini-books, I had to get one. It came in the mail yesterday. Yay! This is her Why I Scrapbook class.

So, so excited to play with this. I'm also waiting on an order from Fontwerks. Mmmmm stamps. I love stamps.

I finally went to Costco and had a big ol' roll of film developed from some photos I took in High School. So this weekend I plan to work on doing a mini-book using my RVA Reform School Kit and some really fun goodies I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot.

I'm also waiting for my sister to send me some photos of my grandmother, as I plan to make a mini-book about her using my September Sweet Spuds Project kit.

I'm really looking forward to CKC Seattle in less than a month! Gonna shop and crop and learn my lil hands off. If any of you are in town Nov 1-3 email me cuz we should totally hang!

And... just to make it interesting, I'll leave this post with a funny picture of me. That's what bloggers do right?



*Fauve* said...

Funky picture :D Have fun playing with your goodies!!

phinner said...
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phinner said...

You rock Grilfiend!!! You are such a fabulous artist! I love your attention to detail and how you use all kinds of leftover art-bits.

I've been lurking on your blog for a bit via Elise Blaha's The Daily Card.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next! : .)

shelly b said...

LOVE that pic of the leaf...I've been really trying to take pics of things around me! there are so many good kits this month!!! I had to pick and choose, tough decisions!

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