Monday, October 15, 2007

How time flies!

Seriously! Where did my weekend go? It's already Monday night? Holy cats!

But I do feel like I've accomplished some things. Ran some errands. Been studying some new techniques. Been getting my hands dirty with paint and modgepodge and ink. See?

Daily Card 10-13

card made from: masking tape, paint, ink. (Thank you Claudine Hellmuth for the idea!)

Daily Card 10-14

card made from bampop paper, ink, paint, dictionary page.

Daily Card 10-15

card made from: dictionary, elsie papers, american crafts paper, dymo label, ink, paint, luminart pearl stuff, staples.

Also, went over to look at the new Jack today and guess who the sponsor is? Why, Sweet Spuds!
How cool is that?

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