Friday, October 26, 2007

A question... and some answers....

So.... daily cards are a little behind in being posted. Whoops.

Ah well. I'll try to get them up later. For now, I thought I'd have a little chat, and mebbe share a little SNEAK PEEK. Here you go: Sneeky #2 for the November Sweet Spuds kit. Really trying to challenge myself with trying some different things out on these (with mixed results).

I am currently obsessed with this girl's stuff. She is so amazing. Love the way she rocks the layering and the hand stitching. Seriously. Also, that playlist on her blog is super cool.

So... I got a post recently from this talented lady. And she asked me a question I've had before, so I thought I'd mention it in a blog post. (Cuz, isn't that what they are there for?)

Is your background in graphic design or related art field?

Actually, no. When I was a wee young lass, I had dreams of going to the Seattle Art Institute. But alas, I had to join the workforce and move out of my parents house. And then support myself and my shoe addiction...

I am actually pretty much self taught, art-wise. I have always loved to draw and collage though. I actually haven't attended any in-person art classes since high school pottery. :D (Which is another reason why I am soo excited for CKC Seattle next week!) All I can say is, thank god for the internet. I am sooo inspired by the things that I find and all of the talented people out there.

Also, for the record, I have never been published. I have been rejected for every design team or project I have applied for (except Sweet Spuds, whom I truly love and am so thankful to be a part of). I have never won any art contest I have entered either. Unless you count that 3rd grade Batman coloring contest.

But that's okay with me. I don't make art for other people. I make it for myself.

When I apply or submit something, I do it because I really want to. And it's for a challenge or company that I really like. And I think it's cool.

I make stuff because it makes me happy. That's all that really matters.

And I like sharing it with other people, because I think it makes them happy too. (At least, I hope so...)

Also, I LOVE having people comment on my stuff. I really really do. And I sincerely appreciate it. I read every single comment and really do try to visit everyone's blog. I am grateful that people take the time to come and visit my little world. Thanks peeps. I love you too.

All right, off the soapbox... Let's talk about some crafty goodness!

{BTW, Phinner dear, thank you soooo much for introducing me to Invoke Arts Stamps. I am sooo in love with them right now....}

In other news, the amazing Celine Navarro posted on her blog that there were some class kits for sale at Blue Bazaar for a class she was doing for an Australian event.

I, of course, was super excited to hear this, because, when would I ever be able to take a class from her? She lives in France! Anyway, I soon became very sad when I found out that because Blue Bazaar is based in Australia, it would be $30 in shipping alone to send the kit to me. So I just bought the online instructions. (Actually, what I purchased was an email which took me to a link where the PDF was stored... so weird.) Anyway. It's quite nice. I am sad that I don't get to play with the Rouge de Garance papers, which I can't find online to buy and would LOVE to play with. Le sigh. Perhaps if I end up going to Europe next spring....

Oh. And also. I've just discovered Teesha Moore. SWOON.

I mean, those little punk girls with the dunce caps? Straight out of FRUITS. Love it. Also, the woman lives in Issaquah. That's practically in my backyard. Not really... but I am repressing the urge to go and stalk her now. Why why have I not heard of her before this?

I wish I was not so broke right now. Stupid dentist. Stupid car. Stupid entropy of the universe.

Ah well...

I currently have quite a few things percolating in my brain, craft wise too. I signed up for a soldiering class at Impress Stamps. That will be on Dec 1. So excited to try more jewelry-making/mixed media stuff. Working with metal is pretty exciting to me.

Then, on Dec 2 I will be attending my favorite craft event of the year, The Urban Craft Uprising. Love them soo much. I've mentioned this before, but going to that event is what gave me the mental kick in the pants to get back into art again. So much inspiration there.

And...I've had stamps on the brain so much lately I've actually been designing some of my own. My little notebook is full of ideas. Mostly text stamps, phrases and so on... but I'm also thinking about doing some more art-like ATC-ish stamps as well. At this point, I am just looking into prices and whatnot, but I think it would be FANTASTIC to have a stamp made that I had created.

Crazy thing that I am also thinking about Christmas stuff right now and have plans for a few little things that I may reveal at the end of November (If I can get all my stuff together!)

I also have some fun ideas for tutorials and whatnot that I am working on as well.

And speaking of, I am going to get back to the crafting. Been good writing all this out.

Love to my peeps.


kushi said...

I read your blog for some time and I think that you are a great artist!!! I love your layouts, and I think that your cards are fantastic!!!!! I'm trying to do some 'happy cards' (to find something good in every day). :)

from Italy

phinner said...


I ordered Celine's instructions too.

RDG papers from

Fran is awesome, quick service too!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Don't understand the rejections thing- your work is amazing- original, witty and fresh- then again that's probably why... Thanks for the heads up on Teesha- she's awesome!

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