Monday, January 21, 2008

Oops! It's art.

My take on ScrapMojo Challenge #7. Come play along! It's fun.
You just use some old "junk" and staples. Note: be sure to avoid stapling yourself. I had some problems with that one. :D

I used my "scratch paper" from my paint projects, a fruit net thing, some cardboard, an old doily, some Love Elsie packaging and of course, staples.

G really really hates this photo of me. He said my smile looks all fake and scary. I can kind of see that, as I was making a face and this is kind of what happened after the face... Hmm. The hair looks good though....


michelle said...

this is great! I love how it turned out! good luck!

Michelle said...

cool page, Christina...=) I like the's kind of cheesy...but cute..he he...ouch about the staples!

kim brimhall said...

i love your stuff!!! i just got back into scrapbooking and this is amazing! love your blog.

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