Sunday, March 2, 2008

And then...

Greg and I contracted food poisioning. It's been awesome. We both now feel like normal human beings, but it has been very... rough. Thank god for Pepto Bismol. And Saltines.

Anyway... here are some sneaks of my March Sweet Spuds projects:
I believe the gallery will be going up later this week.

And speaking of things happening this week, here is a sneak peek of my take on ScrapMojo #10:
Thanks for looking.


Bekka said...

I love sneaks!!! Especially since I preorded that kit! Yay!

Hope you guys contine to be on the mend!

London Tierney said...

Your sneak peeks are juicy!

Michelle said...

oh no!! food poisoning! That sucks...=( Hope you're both feeling better!! love the sneakies...=)

micayla said...

OOOH look at all the eye-candy! I cannot wait to see the full projects!
Glad you are feeling better, food poisoning sucks!! I was ill as a dog last night, but fine today thank God!!

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