Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's okay to make mistakes.... I guess

Have run out of mojo. It really feels that way. I'm trying, I am. Really. But everything I make turns out all gross and yucky (to me at least).

I totally screwed up two soldered pieces. And spilled flux EVERYWHERE.

On the upside, I am keeping this little "mistake" As seen here:
Also after the soldering disaster, I tried busting out a stamp from B-Line designs (it's a houndstooth patterned stamp, how awesome is that?!) to see if it would help the mojo come back.

I made two ATCs. It felt good. Okay, maybe the mojo will come back.

Soon, I hope....


Yes, I am in love with the color yellow. For the first time in my life.

It's good.


Lynne said...

Sorry that you feel as if you are missing your mojo - i guess we all have those funks every now and again. I do love your atc's. I have been wanting to start them but am not really sure where to begin. If you have any suggestions i would really appreiate them.

Lisa said...

whaaaat! houndstooth stamp!??! nice!!

sorry your mojo has left you. at least your "yucky" things still come out fabulous. mine just come out like poo. haha i hope it returns to you're too creative to not be creating!!

Michelle said...

Lovely, lovely!! Hope that mojo comes back, cuz I love what you made here...=) annnd....yellow is my abs. favorite color of all time!! eek! It's so happy..=) he he...happy weekend!

krista said...

I think your scrapping is amazing! don't be so down on yourself! you have alot of scrappy talent! i always come to your blog to encourage my scrappiness. thanks for sharing!!!!

shelly b said...

lovin the stamp...and girl your mojo can't go away...but I know how you feel!

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