Monday, May 19, 2008

record heatwave

Time does fly, doesn't it? Can't believe this next weekend is Memorial Day. Wasn't it just April?

Anyway. Despite the insane heat here in the city, I have been pretty busy. See?

Got my new glasses.
Enjoyed watching the dandelions take over the back yard. Seriously. It's like a little fluffy army out there.
Experimented with camera angles. And drank lots of water. Also mexican coke.
Totally copied this shot from Stacey Fike. I love my date stamp so much.
Took some new self-portraits. I really really really love this one.

Walked three miles around Greenlake. At sunset. It was pretty but there were bugs.

Had coffee with the boy. I think he noticed my stealth camera shot....

I also saw the new Narnia movie. It was highly entertaining. I also attended a bachlorette party (ditto) and went to my first stamp convention.

I forgot my camera. So, no photos. But I did pick up some new pretties.

Off to make dinner now. More to blog in a bit. :D

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staceyfike said...

gotta love the date stamp!

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