Thursday, June 12, 2008

a compulsion

I was doing a little cleaning up tonight. Putting things away. Organizing.

As I was doing this, there was a particular photo, piece of paper and some scraps that I just could not put away. I had to scrap them. Right now, tonight. Just for fun.

There is plenty of other stuff I need to do right now, but this one just had to get done.

Have you ever have that happen to you?

I think it is a good sign though, that the creative muse basically kicked the door down. Rather than me having to chase after it. Weird.


Sharmaine said...

I love to scrap like that and wish I could do it more often.
Love your page, looooove it!

A.S.K.-P. said...

LOVE it!

Dina said...

Love it. And using scraps like that is one of my most fave things to do. I think the "accident" of scraps is so serendipitous.

CĂ©line Navarro said...

i love love looooooove your blog! will be back again! for now, i'm going to link you from my blog! :)

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