Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Haps

Hey peeps. Time for a real post!!!!
Let's start it off with some eye candy, shall we? Here are some sneaks of my take on the next ScrapMojo challenge. If Marie is feeling better that should be posted up tomorrow. Can't wait to share the whole thing, it is one of my favorites!
Let's see....

I am so excited for the newest ScrapJacked challenge. I rarely participate in challenge sites due to lack of time, but I have been wanting to jack Kara's mini since she posted it. So now that it has been set up for jacking by all I HAVE to play! I am just trying to think of a meaningful song with lyrics that aren't completely depressing and/or nonsensical. Very exciting.

I also really love the new word at OLW. Strong is such a good word. I hope I have time to make something to play!

Still loving the TAIF challenges. There is a really great one up now. I bucked under peer pressure and subscribed to the Anthropoligie and Veer catalogues for the pretty pretty paper and images.

The Dig Deeper kits have sold out through October. Holy cats! So excited for Kate and Michelle. (See I told you stalking their blog would pay off.) **Update, as of this morning they still had a few openings for September. You really really want that kit. I promise. ** But I think it is neat how they are running it. See, even if you don't get a kit they will still let you play along with their prompts and challenges. I plan to do that for July, and whatever other months I'm not actually getting a kit.

Ali Edwards is coming out with a new book about mini-books. I generally love her books so I can't wait to see what she does.

I have been thinking of doing this as a tutorial, but Corinne beat me to it. She did a really neat video and the technique is just so fun. I plan to try it out with my distress re-inkers, since that is what I have on hand. Also, speaking of videos, I totally love this peek of Celine's studio and this video of Kristi's dare mini.

I am still working on my Christmas mini-book. (I am aware it is June, and I am only a little ashamed.) I should actually call it a maxi-book because the thing is freaking huge! I just gotta finish doing some painting and journaling and then it should be all ready to share on the blog.

Oooh, that reminds, me. I need to get those art journal pages scanned. Look for that later this week.

I had some exceedingly amazing and happy scrap-related news arrive by email yesterday, but sadly I will not be able to share for a while. Let's just say, it is really a dream come true. Sorry to be a tease ;)

I am trying to learn to speak French by podcast so that when we go to Paris I will not be completely lost and will be able to properly thank people for helping a poor lost American tourist. So far I can count up to twenty and can say the days of the week.

As a side note, I am so completely traumatized by the cost of airfare these days. I am really scared that I will not be able to afford to go to Europe in September. Especially because I just found out my car needs a ton of work done. Sigh.

Phew, I think that's all I got for now. Hope your week is going well. Cyber hugs and love out to all my peeps.

Peace out.


Kara said...

The peaks look great! Can't wait to see. Also can't wait to see your jack. :)

Mandi said...

I think that those Los are are going to rock, cause from what I see, it's sheer awesomeness. And that doodling.....

celine navarro said...

i'm glad you liked the video about my scraproom! :)

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