Monday, June 23, 2008

sneak peek? what? where?

hehe. I am at work now so I can't do a real post. but being the tease that I am I just had to share a little something something.
so excited about these. I'l;l have the tutorial up later after I take the boy out for his birthday dinner.
happy monday!


Kelly said...

OMG! These look so awesome! I can't wait for the tutorial!!!

Bekka said...

Oooh! Love these! They're so cute!

Dorianne said...

Good thing the tutorial isn't up yet, because I am stuck at work too and would be so antsy to get home and play! I am totally lovin' those-super cute! Willcheck back when I get home for the how to:)

staceyfike said...

these look really cool!!

Mandi said...

You should totally sell these on Etsy!

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