Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is what I know

I know that I am never too old to learn new things.
I know that I am imperfect.
I know that I can always change, if I choose to.
I know that love is real.
And once felt, never really goes away.
I know that time is short on this earth.
I know that there is good in every person.
I know that regardless of the weather, temperature or my geographic location, every day can be a good day.
I know that I am unique and that there will never again be another living person who is just like me.
I know that beauty, knowledge, and experience are subjective things.
I know that the family you have does not have to be the one you were born into.
I know that I am still going to get up in the morning anyway.
I know that the abilty to make art, in whatever form it is made, is the true expression of the human soul, and always a worthwhile pursuit.
I know that laughter is better than silence.
I know that occasionally, every person is alone, and that solitude can be both amazingly wonderful and excruciatingly terrible.
I know that I could be better.
I know that the feel of sunshine and wind and water are worth missing a day's work in a cubicle.
I know that words can crush a person or lift them up.
I know that friendship is worth cherishing.
I know that self portraits are good.


Lisa said...

amen to that sister!

TiteC said...

this is really nice to read this in the morning....

I'm sure this is going to be a good day

have a good day too ;)

xxx from France


Mandi said...

I know that I really admire you.

Michelle said...

Ahh. Lovely words...=)So glad I stopped in here today to read that loveliness! Happy day, girl!

Lisa said...

thanks for much for recommending that site!! it's so much fun! lol! i just spent all kinds of time making meals, taking my measurements and putting in all that i ate today! i totally dig it, and i love the measurement thing. i hope to see progress in that area and i kick myself for not taking the measurements from the beginning. anyhoo, thanks! :)

jeroldssis said...

I just picked up my first copy of Artful Blogging and saw the article about you. I love finding new blogs, all the time and yours is now a favorite. I hope you don't mind, but this post that I read in the magazine is just what I needed and I would like to do my own list on my blog as well. I'm in a funk, perhaps because I'm a summer gal and it's ending (if that's even true here in L.A.!). I think I would feel better after a list like that. Feel free to stop by and thank you for the inspiration!

Chris said...

Credit, where credit is due...

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