Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Love List

Right now I am loving:
Ali's Digital Brushes. Why can I not write like she does? Note to self, re-learn cursive. (Discount code here)

This lovely place. With a name like Gypsy Rose Paperie how can I resist? Check out the vintage goodness there. Also, giveaways.

Donna's video tutorial. So awesome. Makes me want to play with my sewing machine. And craft metal.
Stacey's tutorial on canvas art journals. So very cool. I have a ton of canvas and papers that I am wanting to destash... Once I figure out how to wind the bobbin on my sewing machine I am so giving this a go.

New Jenni Bowlin. I already ordered some of the new stuff from Stamp Diva. I love the mini bingo cards, the crepe ribbon and the apothacary labels best.

Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine. Yeah, it's based in the UK. But it's really good. And has a great website. Also I'm in the August magazine. :D

Dares. New site. New challenges. Effing love them. Still working on my mini-dares book, updates later this week.

Dina's journal stuff. She is so darn creative.

Debee's stuff with spray paint. Might have to give it a go.

Golden Gel Mediums. Bought a sampler box of the different textured gels on sale at the art store. The same box that Elise blogged about yesterday, actually. Sadly, I paid more than a dollar for it. Did you know they make a special medium that you can use for running things through your printer? I want to try it out, but it's not in the crafty budget for this month.
Anywho... I'm sure there are things I have forgotten, but that's all I got for today. Off to go run some errands. Will be glad when it's Friday!!!


Mandi said...

how many times must I say it... amen amen amen! Let's be good friends. Very good friends indeed. ;)

Sasha said...


Dina said...

Thanks for the shout inspire ME! :)

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