Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to catch up.

Better grab your coffee, this is going to be a looong one. :DHello. Hope all is going well with you. I am feeling much better today. And I have a lot to blog about, so, let's get down to it!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that has said nice things about my blog on their own blogs. I feel very special. I love that people are inspired by me, because I am so inspired by others. But I got a shiny button. Check it.

So, in turn, I would like to nominate:
1. Kara. Her style is cute and fresh. With amazing photos.
2. Mandi. Love her stuff. Always personal. Always out of the box awesome.
3. Celine. Full of color and life. And French. Fabulous.
4. Elise. Daily cards. Papers. Letterpress. Geese.
5. Lindsay. Layers. Creativity. Sweetness.

Thank you for your inspiration, and the peek into your lives and art.

Let's see.... The July gallery at Sweet Spuds is up. I'll put my layouts up in a separate post later today, but the other girls did a fabulous job (as always). And Kara is our Guest Designer! She made a super cute mini book.

There is a fabulous new prompt at TAIF to use notebook paper. And the awesome Kristina Contes is the guesting over there. I am so catching up on these this weekend.

Speaking of catching up, The Dares are apparently getting their site revamped. I was scared that the site was down again when I went to visit recently, but no, just a little makeover. Almost 100 challenges. I love me some Dares.

Excited for the many new projects I have cooking up. Plans for a new kind of self-portrait project. Plans to clean out and organize my stash. Plans to make many things for the Etsy. Plans to finish up my online class stuff and get the kits assembled. Plans to play with my new fisheye camera lens. Plans to play with my new fabric stash and my sewing machine. And PVA. And other things I can't even talk about yet!

Okay, that was a whole lot of text. Here are some photos to break it up--sneaks of my layout for the next ScrapMojo challenge. The actual challenge should go up within the next few days.

This was inspired by a shop window I saw while riding the bus last week. Cool stuff.

So excited that Jo-Anns now sells all of the KI lace cardstock. Now I can buy it much much cheaper. Yay for coupons!

Okay, so blogger is being a pain and not saving my formatting. Going to stop now and try and finish up later.

peace out.


Mandi said...

awww! Thanks hun! I'm really honored that you like my stuff- cause I'm head over heals in love with yours! :)

And talk about being a tease! haha You're the biggest tease of all! ;)

Vee said...

love your peek! your scrapjacked winner goodies are on your way to you today from SR. :)

Lindsay said...

Aww, no you rock, Christina! Your style is just take my breath away know I always love lookin' at it! :)

Off to upload my Mojo LO and all that...can't wait to see will be awesome, per usual, haha.


EliseBlaha said...

your work is so fabulous.

thanks for the nomination!

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