Thursday, August 28, 2008

Travel Plans

Real sample of a gmail chat between Greg and I regarding our upcoming European vacation:

me: you need to quit wanting to go to places that don't exist.

Greg: Muh? What doesn't exist now?

me: robespierre was originally buried in an unmarked grave but then his body was moved to somewhere in the catacombs with a bunch of ofther people

Greg: Hey, I prefaced that desire with "If feasible"

me: fair enough. I am teasing a little.

Greg: ;)

me: anything else you want to see? a crumple horned snorkback, perhaps?

Greg: I'm just happy that we will be there for the first day of Vendemiaire

me: goodness, where did you find out about that?

Greg: French revolution reference.... Like Thermidor

Greg: I'm also completely obsessed with the French Republican Calendar now as you can see...

me: It is extremely badass

Greg: I tried listening to some learn Italian podcasts, but I haven't found a good one. All of them say the words really sssslllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllyyyyyy and about 8 times And have horrible music

me: omg. are you searching on itunes?

Greg: Yes

me: I am surprised you haven't tried to find it other plances on line. I have to admit, my french one does have really bad music. It might be a thing.

Greg: I was gonna and then you told me to look on iTunes.... I hold you responsible for horrible italian casio disco torture ;)

me: sweeetness

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