Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Wow. Just wow.

Overwhelmed by the kindess and thoughtfulness of all my lovely visitors. Thanks so much for the sweet words about my stuff. I shall try even harder to keep you all entertained with many more projects to come. ;)

The giveaway is still going on until Friday. Leave a comment here to play along.

The packfilm experimentation is going well. I am still learning the camera and thus am creating all kinds of messed up, yet interesting photos. I want to learn more about emulsion lifts next, but from the little research I have done, it seems like more of a messy process than I can commit to right now. I am incorporating some of the polaroids into the I heart pictures minibook that I've been working on. I've edited a bunch more TTV shots from this weekend. Trying to get them up to the Flickr. Here is a little eye candy for you:

(there was a very large flock of pidgeons that I scared on accident)

My camera collection may or may not be up to 14 cameras now. I think I need to put myself on restriction from going to Goodwill or any other thrift stores... I'll not say anything more, except that I am having a blast taking all these different kinds of pictures. I'm already plotting to buy polaroid film in Europe and have it shipped back. Also to try and get some Kesi Art stamps while I am in France. We'll see.

Speaking of stamps... I am so excited for the new Catslife release. OMG. I think I bought just about everything on the days and numbers page. And some other things that I couldn't live without. Yay for stamps!

I have discovered this lovely band, A Fine Frenzy, courtesy of Michelle's blog. Very pretty stuff. Planning to update my little blog cassette player soon with some of that goodness.

In between trip planning stuff and socializing with my peeps I am still working on my projects for Sweet Spuds and Mojo. And some things for myself. I'll get some pics up by the end of the week.

Feeling a little blocked on this one minibook though. Have you ever had a project that took you a really long time? Like more than eight months? I have been working on a minibook about last Christmas since, basically, last Christmas. I am just feeling stumped on how to finish it. Sigh.

Well, that is all for now. Back to finish up a friend's birthday present, and then to bed.

peace out.


Kelli said...

I keep catching Almost Lover on the radio but never could catch the artists name. Thanks for that!

Elizabeth said...

OK, I really thought I liked you, but you HAD to go and mention the new Cat's Life stuff - I may not have $$ for baby formula, but I have some new lovlies coming my way!!!


renee said...

omg! if i hadn't read your blog i would have saved some $$!! It's all good though because now i have quite a few awesome stamps to add to my collection!! thanks for the link!!

Heather said...

hiiii. thanks for your comment! i actually had your blog on my rss reader before scrapjack, so it's very cool to win your jack! i really like your TTV shots, that is something i'd really like to experiment with.

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