Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 19

So.. after the snow had (temporarily) stopped, I got up on Friday to discover that I would in fact, have to trudge on down the hill and go to work. (Though, considering that this happened later in the day, I am glad that I walked, and did not attempt to bus or drive.)

This is what my walk down the hill looked like:
It took me about an hour to go a mile. I walked very slowly due to the ice. Since I am very cold sensitive I went a little crazy on my snow outfit: I wore tights, socks, leg warmers, knee high boots, a petticoat, a skirt and a thermal under a vest and a velvet jacket. Plus my wool coat, scarf, hood and gloves.

Greg said my outfit was ridiculous, but hey, I stayed warm and looked cute, so what do boys know anyway?
It was super busy at work due to the impending holiday and the day I had missed. On the up-side I got to visit in person with my newly engaged friend Ashley. She showed off her bling and then gave me the cookie she had baked for me. Isn't it cute?
Later, they kicked us out of work due to impending snow storms. G picked me up and we had dinner over at his folks' house. They had made rhubarb-custard pie.
Yum. It was a good way to end a Friday.


Mandi said...

oh man! I'm so jealous! Kinda... I just heard it's sposed to rain on Christmas. And all our snow will be gone. Rainy Christmases are the worst.

Theresa said...

Hi Christine,

While navigating through Celine Navarro's blog I found yours. I've enjoyed reading about and seeing your creations.

We in So. Cal. are jealous of your snow. We don't get the lovely change of season that you guys in Seattle get to experience. All that being said / written, it appears that the beautiful snow can be a bit treacherous. Take care!

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