Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 21 - Part One: Yarn Ball Ornaments.

In which Christmas crafts seriously manifest:First, let's talk about yarn ball ornaments.

I totally got the idea from the wreaths at work this year.
First, you get some yarn, and some styrofoam balls. To start, take the end of the skein of yarn and just wind it around the ball, overlapping like so:
Keep going, occasionally switching the axis point of where you are winding (use your thumb to hold things down until you can get enough layers on it so it doesn't unravel) or your ball will end up lumpy and uneven.Just keep going until you can't see the styrofoam anymore.

Do not worry about messing up. You can always unwind and start again.

When you have the ball totally covered and of the size that you want, cut the yarn from the skein, leaving enough to make a long tail. Make a loop at the top by taking the end of the yarn and weaving underneath a few of the woven strands, then do a half double bow and knot until secure. Trim as necessary.
So.. now what do you do with these cute and fuzzy little things?
Well.... You can hang them up as-is, or string them in a garland, or even stick them on a wreath, as I did.

Hope that made sense. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

More craftiness to follow shortly. :D


Melissa said...

Very cool!!!

Heather said...

those turned out so well!! i'm definitely saving that idea for next year. thanks for sharing. happy holidays!!

kristi said...

saw those at the bucks....been wanting to make one SOOOOOO bad. they look great!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Such a good idea, and they look so good!!!

Mandi said...

I looove the yarn ball ornaments! And that wreath! I want to make one next year! :)
And I was reading all of your other recent posts. Just so much loveliness. And I just decided we should hang out sometime. Someday.

And... the word verification says "prancre"!!! That's almost prancer. That made me smile.

Bekka said...

Love these! I saw some today that were arranged on a styrofoam tree shape.

Patty said...

yarn ball ornaments???? fantastic idea!!!I'll make some the next year, thanks for sharing

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