Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27

In which I wake up early to make pancakes for Greg.
He was very pleased by my surprise. :D
Today was cleaning day. We got the house totally cleaned, including the spice drawer!
I worked on some more soldered pieces. Greg's mom liked the pieces I made for Christmas so much she asked me to make some more for her sister. I was happy to oblige.
I also began the de-Christmasification process of the house.

Unfortunately, since I hadthe new wreaths, I needed something to store them in. So I took a little field trip to Target to pick up the appropriate storage containers.
And while at the mall, I swung by the bookstore and picked myself up a copy of this:
So so awesome. And perfect for the new year.


Lisa said...

that book sounds awesome! documenting your days may seem mundane, but i love reading about it! and i love the pictures. you seem to capture the little things perfectly!

Brooke said...

I got three Keri Smith books for Christmas. I can't wait to dive in!

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