Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31

This photo is from last January, when I had the worst hair cut ever. So glad my bangs have grown out since then.

It isn't midnight yet here on the West Coast, so I've actually got a little time before we head out to our party. Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season.

2008 was a pretty great year. My word was discover. I am pleased to find that I did exactly that.
This year was the year I was 26.
I learned to really let myself play.
I cherished small peaceful moments.
I learned to let go of things that I was holding on to too tightly
I let myself be open to all kinds of artistic possibilities
I left things undone.
I finished things.
I documented.
I realized a lifelong dream
I almost lost my job.
I loved.
I grieved.
I spent too much money.
I think I grew up a little bit more.
And you know, I don't think I am quite finished with 2008 yet, but the calendar keeps progressing.
So... welcome 2009.
Bring it.


Sandy said...

wow, you had quite a year - amazing how reflective we are at this time of year....happy new year to you christina!!

Beth Perry said...

Very well said.

This part is something I am still learning to be better at, too:

I left things undone.
I finished things.

One would think you can only be one or the other, but that is not the case. I can't seem to fully "relax" or fully enjoy scrapping if I think the house is not clean...or something else just HAS to be done.
And then, I won't finish things because I think what's the use, it won't be JUST right or perfect. Isn't that strange? Yeah, I know...issues. lol
Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR babe!
Let's bring it!

Melissa said...

i like the list...

Happy New Year!


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