Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inky painty hands = a happy girl

Phase one of the art journal: complete
Dina's class on art journaling is one of the best classes ever.

I am super duper behind on my journal (I'm on the step that was supposed to be learned on the first week of November).

But anyway, still having a blast. Loving the techniques learned.
I feel so artsy having ink and paint on my hands (and all over my desk...)

The best part is that even my scraps turn out insanely gorgeous. Absolutely using these on layouts for sure. Check it out.
I believe there might be a part two of the class coming up in the future. If that is the case, I am SO there.

Speaking of classes, Donna Downey just released a bunch of video classes in her shop. I bought the layers one and am converting it to ipod mode to watch later. I have this weird thing where I really love watching scrapbook videos amd listening to craft podcasts while I work out.

I might get a few of the other ones, if I like this one. I'll keep y'all posted. :D

Have you heard of Paperclipping? It is an extremely cool podcast. I am not at member status, but there are a bunch of the free videos available on her site and also on itunes.

Hmmm, what else?

I discovered Tumblr today. It is very cool. I might switch the site over there if I run out of image space (as may happen soon)... Or mebbe Typepad. Not sure. I really love blogger, but I really don't love the limit on filespace you have for images. And considering how many images I post, well...

We'll see.

I was utterly foiled by my attempt to see Twilight today with my sister (nope, still haven't seen it) by the sneak attack snow storm that has already deposited three inches of fluffy white doom on my front lawn.

Looks like I am walking to work again tomorrow. Sigh.
That's enough blogging for me. Off to bed.
Hope your weekend was great and full of artsy messes!


Beth Perry said...

I am sooo digging your new pages for the art journal! they kick!
I saw Twilight last night and I liked it alot!!
i hope you get to see it soon.

Melissa said...

Those art journal pages are fan.tas.tic!

Have a good week!

danilouwho said...

Ok, first of all you NEED to see Twilight.

I took Dina Wakely's class too and I totally slacked off on it. I freakin' love all these pages you've made though and I'm so inspired now to dig back into it. Awesome stuff girl.

* said...

Lovely pages!!! I still have yet to see Twilight, SO your not alone. You guys are sure getting alot of snow. Send some our way, Im sure you wouldnt mind:)

That Tumblr site seems cool, thanks for sharing. I might have to look into that as well.

metrochic said...

i am FLOORED by your pages and can't wait to see what they evolve into.

Mandi said...

Oh soooo yummy! I am KICKING myself right now for not taking her class when I knew I should've.

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

oh my gosh I love all those pages!! They look so ....I don't even know the word but I wish I could make mine look like that!! It's very inspirational.

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