Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love List 01/06/09

Silk shirts that make one feel girly and ladylike.Lomography Cameras, specifically:

The Diana Camera - Hong Meow Edition

This was my birthday present to myself. Traditionally, I buy myself a pair of boots, but Fred Flare had it on clearance and I could not pass it up. In theory, the UPS man is going to stop by my house tomorrow with this beauty and a 35mm back.

The Split Cam
Picked up for $5 in the clearance bin at Urban Outfitters.
More than half way through my first roll. Crossing my fingers for any of my shots to come back.

The Holga 135 BC
It's a Holga. It takes 35 mm film. Is it the classic Holga? No. Is it awesome? Yes. You know how I love my vignetting. I plan to pick this baby up next month, if the tax fairy is generous. We'll see.

Adirondack Color Wash
More oomph and less washed out effects than Glimmer Mist. Easier than watered paint or india ink. Eggplant is my favorite, though I haven't tried a color yet that didn't produce an effect I liked. I still need to pick up butterscotch, lettuce, stream and mushroom.

Ali Edwards Stamps
So cool. Although I am on a stamp buying hiatus, I really really want some of these. Guess I can just settle for the digital versions. :D

Somerset Magazine
Pretty. Pretty. Those altered books in the Valentines' issue are so deliciously textured.

Metallic Crackle Paints
I don't quite know what I would do with these yet. But I kind of want them anyway. Especially the pewter. Mmm metallics.

Playing with Wax
I really want to learn to encaustic techniques. But I'm slightly worried about injuring myself.

Project 365
(Also here and a cool download here)
Everyone seems to be really into this this year. I doubt I have the patience for it, though I love the concept. I think I might catch up on Paper Adventure '08 or do something monthly instead with this.

The Dares
Falling in love with the dares all over again. Rereading the book. Working on catching up my mini-dares book. Good stuff.

So, that's what is on my mind lately.
How about you?


If anyone wants to do a valentine's card exchange with me, comment or send me an email.

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Bekka said...

Ooh! I want one of those cameras! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

And yeah, I would like to exchange valentines.

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