Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So because I hadn't taken very many photos of our Vancouver trip (it was back in my pre-scrapbooking, pre-crazy photography phase) Greg said I could get away with documenting it as a multi-photo layout instead of a whole book.
So here is the layout I made, using an Ali Edwards template and a set of papers I got yesterday from Designer Digitals.
Interestingly enough... I just remembered that the third layout I ever made was about the Vancouver trip. And weirdly, it was also inspired by Ali Edwards, as I had just purchased her book about designing with patterned paper.
Here it is:

I find it interesting to compare the two. I like that I kind of kept the color scheme the same. But other than that, so different. Digital vs. paper. The Stack vs. "designer" papers. Many photos vs. one. But both tell the story.

I think it is good to contrast the two and see how much my style has grown. And changed.


Diane said...

Just popping in from Dina's Official Blog List.
Great layouts - they really give the feel of the city. TFS

Chris said...

Just stopping by to say from Art Journaling 102. Love your digital layouts and I too find Ali's work very inspirational. Great layouts! See you in the gallery.

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