Thursday, February 19, 2009


Last night we saw the movie Push. Here is a trailer.

It didn't get the greatest reviews, so we were a little wary.

But it was sooo good. So pretty. Such a good world and a completely original story. Pretty "costumes." Decent acting as well. And great little plot twists.

Did I mention it was pretty?

I loved it. You should go see it.
PSA over.


Stephanie said...

I was wondering about this one...I think we shall go see it when it comes to the cheap theater ;)

Marit said...

Stopped by to catch up with you, hey you there!!! I don't know this movie at all (I'm in Holland, as you know) but will keep it in mind. Love the trailer! Oh, and the "little yellow tulips" you posted a while back are actually "crocusses" - Holland, you know ;) But they ARE the beginning of spring, yippeee!

Tina said...

It's always the one's with the not-so-great reviews that I ending up liking. Thanks for the recommendation!

Holly said...

Saw it as well and really enjoyed it. I totally agree - loved the costumes and the scenery. So good!

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