Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just us crazy kids...

Digging through old CK magazines this weekend looking for inspiration. Found an old Elsie layout and thought I might try funky-style digi scrapping.
Not even kidding, this layout took me like four hours. Ugh. That is the first time a digital page took as long as a paper one. I guess even digi scrappers can get blocked.
My thing with digital layouts is that I don't want them to look too "fake." The more they look like paper layouts the better, in my book (excuse the pun.)
All this messing around with pixels makes me want to go and do something very tactile.
I know. I will go and try to repair my sewing machine now. It got destroyed when I put the bobbin thingy in wrong and thread kind of jammed up all in the bottom. Now I have to go and dig out the hanks of thread and make sure everything is okay.
I miss sewing on paper. Must go and mend this. (ha ha, on a roll.)
Clearly that is enough blogging for today.


Annie said...

That's a really pretty layout. I love it!

I so understand where you are coming from with the 'too much digi' thing. It's the main reason I stick to paper. I love the hands on stuff, and if I'm trying to make my digi layout look like it's paper, that's gotta tell me something.

Fab blog!

Beth Perry said...

I just love, love this layout! It is so cool and so much fun! And the photos are fun, too!
I hope you are having a great week so far! :P

Patty said...

Digital is fun, but I always feel like Im cheating or something. I dont know, maybe because I am more hands on. I know that you are, so I can see how you wanted to do something more tactile afterwards. BUT it still rocks:)

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