Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inspiring things on a Wednesday

A few things that are inspiring me today...

- She's done it again. Dina's doing Art Journaling 201. Looks pretty cool.

- The Simple Scrapbooks folks have started up a website! Write. Click. Scrapbook.

- Loving this new feature and tutorial on Ali's blog.

- The Kenner Road blog has a neat mini-book tutorial going on the next few days. I find myself getting over my "fear of flowers" ever more gradually.

- Really enjoying Shimelle's Month of Colour. Trying to decide what my own favorite colour is... But really, I just love her stuff.

- Still obsessing over border punches. I have a problem. I really do.

- Going to go see Up tonight. I love me some Pixar.

- So, so excited to spend some more quality time with my June Label Tulip kit. Really really going out of the box on this one. Bwhahahaha. Sneakies on Thursday evening. ;)

What is inspiring you today?


Beth Perry said...

Yeah, I saw that on Dina's blog. I asked her if she thought it would be over a beginner's head and she said, 'yeah, probably' haha..i love it! then, she posted and outlined what class is what. which is awesome. I can take the beg in the archived tutorials! heee
I have been loving your art lately girl. you keep on inspiring me.

Melissa said...

love your list!

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