Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's in your cart?

I saw one of the GG's (Kelli Crowe?) do a post like this and thought it would be a fun idea to share some of my thoughts on one of my favorite things: scrapbook supply shopping.

Like many scrappers, I enjoy shopping and browsing for scrappy products. I think it is a major part of the hobby for me. I have gotten much choosier about what I buy these days, and I always set myself a budget (aka allowance). Who doesn't, these days?

When it comes to my scrap shopping, I really like to buy things in person. I feel it not only supports my local crafty businesses, but also I get to avoid shipping fees (and use coupons). Also there is just something about seeing the product in person which really helps make or break the decision for me.

For my online purchases, I tend to be pretty practical... I am much less swayed by pretty patterned paper online. I also really only buy things that I absolutely cannot get locally or that I know are for a good discounted price.

I also always try to buy with a specific project in mind. This really cuts down on the "I got it because I thought it was cool and now I don't know what to do with it" problem. Which, btw was totally a phase I went through as a brand-new scrapper. I ended up giving away a lot of the things I bought at that time, because while cute, they just weren't "me." Sigh.
I feel I'm lucky now in that I have a really good grasp of what my style is and what works for me as a scrapper, and so I really have a more targeted focus as to the kinds of products that I really want to have on hand. Minibooks, stamps and a few of the latest and greatest releases are what usually work their way into my shopping cart.

So what is in my shopping cart right now?
See, I tend to let things pile up a bit. Wishful thinking, you know? But it also helps me to avoid random impulse purchases and really stick to my budget.

I have phases where I really obsess over a product and I think that I HAVE to have it... But I've learned my lesson. I always make myself have at least a 48-hour cooling period before I hit the purchase button. (Note: this strategy does not, unfortunately, work as often when I go shopping at a physical store.)

Will I buy all this stuff? I'm not sure. It depends on a few factors, like where I'm at with my monthly allowance and what I am working on this month. I also like to factor in other things, like how recently I've gone through my stash and if I even have room for it in my tiny crafting corner.
Anyway, enough about shopping! Time to get back to actually making stuff.

Happy Saturday!


Beth Perry said...

that is hilarious...'the 48-hour cooling period'!!! I sooo have to try that! lol
Thanks for sharing!

Marit said...

I've never ordered online... (oldfashioned! but I will buy online pretty soon - the prizes are much better as long as it's in Holland - otherwise I have shipping costs) and I don't have a scrapstore nearby... I don't have much money so I'm very, very, VERY cautious when it comes to buying - I do it kinda like you! I know my style, I know what I use most and I take time to decide. I drive 45 minutes to a scrapstore (don't laugh, that's a long way down in the Netherlands!) with in mind "what I need" and a little budget to spend on "what I like".... that works great for me!

Anne said...

I wish I had more of a choice at my local shops - I love seeing stuff in person but it's only usually once a year at the big craft fairs. I do buy a lot on line, but find myself sticking to tools and stamps - patterned paper etc I just prefer to see in person..

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