Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

Spent a blissful and delightful weekend out and about. A little time at home too. But the priority was taking myself away from the internet. No checking email. No looking at google reader.
Lots of things done and people hung out with. Sigh. Love the weekends. Saw Harry Potter (and started re-reading the books again). Had delicious food. Spent quality time cleaning and organizing and being creative.
Here is my newly cleaned desk (with updated cork board)
A little peek at how I store my EK punches. I have an old Ikea Mikael desk, and it had a bult in CD rack on one part of it. Until now, I had been using it as a series of little shelves, but I like this for my punches better. Sadly, only the EK punches fit like this. The MS and Fiskars ones have to live in my little wire basket (see above photo).
Worked on organizing some stamps that recently came my way...and came up with a few new tricks on how to store them so that they are easy to access. Some lovelies picked up at Impress (they had an event this weekend). Love love love the new floral snowflake stamp. Makes me want it to be winter already. ;)
This charming fellow was picked up at Goodwill for two dollars. It needs some minor repair, but functions as a clock just fine. Love how mod it is.
And seen while out and about. Pretty woodcut typeface at a Starbucks.
Tried out the new Trophy cupcakes shop in U Village. I hate to say it, but Greg likes them better than Cupcake Royale. I agree that these might be tastier cupcakes, but they don't do coffee. So, Royale wins my vote for the ability to have cupcake and coffee in the same place.... but they sure do make some pretty cupcakes at Trophy.
Dinner made from fresh produce I picked up at the Farmer's Market. Yum.
And then some time was spent reading books and watching TV on DVD.
Hope you had a great weekend too.


Beth Perry said...

Looks like a great weekend!! You know how mom and I store our acrylic stamps? In thin plastic (hard) jewel cases. (CD cases). You can see what's in them and they stick to the side. Plus, you can grab a few and put them in a cd case to travel.
Loving all the pics and the update to your weekend. Have a good Monday!

Melissa said...

sounds like a lovely weekend!

Christina said...

awesome idea for storing the ek border punches. I am gradually getting a ton of them (hehehe) and they are starting to pile up on my table. I LOVE those things!!
p.s. the clock is sooo sweet!!

sandra said...

love that woodcut!
the stamps look great.
wish i had a cupcake right about now.

happy monday :)

Erin H. said...

I would love to hear about what you came up with for storing your stamps! I am also interested in what your reading now?!

Ali said...

WOW- what a fabulous post! Loved seeing the new Impress stamps you got- that sno-flake is indeed amazing! TYFS your ideas/storage and yummies with us! -ali

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