Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Label Tulip Sneak Peeks

proof of scrapping going on around here. but under a pretty tight deadline. more later.
thanks for stopping by!


Aimee said...

hey, looks like you guys had fun in Canada! :) Love the little sneaks! How are you?

So, I wish you were on facebook... but... the crop on September 26th that I emailed you about has been changed to my house. I'll need to know eventually a. if you're coming and b. we're going to do pizzas for lunch (there's a place that makes good homemade dough by me) so we'll figure out whos bringing what. I figured pizza would be good cuz there are lots of yummy vegetarian options!

Plus, homemade pizza... you can't really go wrong, right?

How are you?

Aimee said...

sorry, i said "how are you" twice cuz I'm a dork.

Melissa said...

looks like fun stuff!!

Beth Perry said...

looks stunning

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