Monday, August 17, 2009

the haps, with some antique mall lovin

If I had a million dollars to spend on antique and vintage cool stuff, I would spend it at Pacific Antique Gallery. So many neat things to see.

a lot of it is very expensive though. On my last trip I bought a housewife's ledger book from 1943-4 and a metal box. On the rare occasion I have time to visit, I very much enjoy just walking around and looking at all of the treasures they have.
alright.... so now that you have your eye candy... here is a top of the minute bloggy update on the haps with me. First of all phew... things sure have been busy around here!

Still haven't finished editing photos for the Canada trip... But I did finish up my label tulip projects (those should be up tomorrow). The main kit is unfortunately sold out... but you can still see some of the fabulous things made by the other girls in the gallery. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I cleaned up (not kidding) 1442 emails out of my inbox. Slooowly working on responding to people. If you are waiting on an email from me, I am so sorry! I know it is rude for not getting back right away, but I am working on it, I swear!

Class update: Got some proofs back of the papers I had designed. I ended up being unhappy with how they printed... So I have decided to send that particular project back to the drawing board, and get to work on another class that I am much happier with. Got the papers and fabrics all worked out and purchased. Just need to go on the hunt for a few more things and get the stamp order out. (Custom stamps, yum!). Also haven't quite decided whether to do an alphabet or not. A lot of people asked for one.. but they will definitely add to the price of the kit.... And I want to keep the cost down as much as possible. :) At this time based on my other design commitments and travel plans, I am aiming for everything to be ready around the last week in September.

On the upside, Shimelle did just post the new info for Learn Something New, a great class that will start on September 1st.
That's all for me from now. hope all is well.
happy monday!

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Melissa said...

oh man! Can't wait for this custom kit you are making!! I definitely want one of those babies..are you gonna me taking any sort of wait list or something like that?? I want my name on it!!

Have a great week!

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