Tuesday, August 18, 2009

meet the new kids

These are my two newest cameras.. Yue and Trent. One is a Golden Half and one is a Polaroid 100. I love the contrast between them... new lomo and old school polaroid.
So excited to see what pictures they will take.

I've got a trip coming up next month... a road trip + some time at Greg's family cabin.. I have been trying to decide what cameras to take... I think possibly these two and the Rebel. Or maybe all three and Mustache (my SX-70). FYI, we call him Mustache because he's from the 70s and for some reason Greg's 'stache looks really pronounced in all the photos we take. Speaking of... I need to listen to Sabotage, right now.
peace out.


Melissa said...

looks like fun, fun! totally jealous of your camera collection!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Gosh I love cameras! The blue one looks so fun!

Nancy said...

Hi There! I really like your blog! When you do take pictures with your new cameras please do post them! Also, maybe a lame question, but Can you still really buy film??? I miss polaroids.

Danielle said...

You are too cute! Love how you've named them! =)

icandy... said...

Hi! I just found you and guess what... we have an awful lot in common! I thought, hmmmmmmm~ that's not me!! HA!!! Nice to "meet" you, I just have to befriend you! :))))))
Christina!! :)

Jeanneoli said...

Love your new cameras. I will be fun to see what kind of photos they produce.

cococricketsmama said...

Those cameras are too awesome!!!

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