Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reading books is great. Making them is even better.

On our recent trip to the cabin, I had the chance to stop by Portland's famous bookstore Powell's City of Books. It was every bit as fantastic as I had heard about and while there I treated myself to quite a few books, one of which I am going to review today.

The book is called Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials and it is by Jeannine Stein.

I have long had an interest in learning traditional (and not so traditional) forms of bookbinding, so it was quite a treat to read through this book.

This book has a good variety of projects and the instructions are quite detailed, with diagrams and photographs as well as suggestions for alternate ideas for the projects. The writing style is very open and easy to read through. Good break down of sections lots of lovely photography. The author has a great voice and makes you excited to see what kinds of books your can make and what kind of "trash" you can turn into book-treasure. And there are patterns in the back to assist you with making the projects.

Overall, I would rate this a great book for a novice bookbinder who likes the combination of coffee-table prettiness with basic to moderate bookbinding instruction.

I am really looking forward to curling up during the upcoming chilly season with some paper, waxed linen cord and a needle to see what I can come up with. ;)

Mary Ann Moss has had some really great posts recently about some book making projects she has been working. on. See this link here as an example.

And of course I am very excited to take Dina Wakley's next Art Journaling class, The Graffitti of My Life, which seems to have some bookmaking components as well. 

Are you reading/making anything book related lately? Share. :)


Kaytee said...

Thanks for the review!! I am totally interested in making handmade journals. I am going to be taking a workshop by Kara Dudley called Journals 3 Ways and it's only 12 bucks to learn 3 ways to bind journals. Here is the link if you are interested:

Stephanie said...

I have been wanting to book bind for a long time. Maybe I'll check out this book!

I have been obsessed with doing some re-decorating around the house, so I've been perusing our local used bookstore to find some cool ideas.

Anonymous said...

I am always drawn to the 'book making' books..and I have checked out's such a romantic are right it is associated with cold days, cozy at home...In reality, I don't have much patience to do it...I do like to take a bunch of unrelated found papers and staple them together cover the staples...and call it a book...I'm lazy this way..that was fun to read..

Rhayne said...

Making books has actually caught my interest lately, in no small part from perusing all the amazing things you make out of seemingly random stuff :o) I've stopped off at the book store a few times to look through all their books but haven't settled on one to buy yet. Thanks for the review... they're always better when they come from an artist you admire.

A.S.K.-P. said...

Ooo, what a cool book. I want to read it! HOPEFULLY I'm going to take Dina's class too. It just sounds TOO COOL!

Anonymous said...

Wanna see some techniques? You asked to share, so here's my tutorial on Japanese bookbinding and here you find another special folded mini book

elizabeth rosemond said...

I started bookbinding a few months ago and this book has been on my list, but I just wasn't sure if I should take the plunge! Maybe now I will. I also like Esther Smith's book and I've heard great things about Keith Smith's bookbinding books (no relation)

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