Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September is my favorite month

Ah, the first of September. Today is mainly notable for the return of this lovely class. Shimelle always has the best classes. I really hope I can stay caught up. If only via the blogging aspect.

Lots of things happening this month, so today really feels a little bit like "back to school."

Also, fall is officially here because I am wearing plaid. Oh yes. Plaid. And you know, because it is starting to get colder and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Sigh
Yesterday at Label Tulip we said our goodbyes to the fabulous Cathy, and today was a lovely chance to say hello and welcome the new owner Jennifer. You can learn a little bit more about the changes and about her here (note there is a giveaway!). I am delighted to say that I have chosen to stay on as a designer for another term. I am super excited about this.

September's kit is going to be yummy. I even snagged one of the add-ons to play with. Waiting for the mailman to bring it on by so I can get my scrap on. Probably sneaks later this weekend, if all goes timely. ;)
Besides the happenings with my class prep, this month I have a road trip/cabin adventure that will have me out of town for a solid week, at work we are dealing with "year end" shenanigans and oh yes, I will have my 10 year anniversary with the boy at the end of the month.
Going to be a busy bee, indeed.
It's a good thing I have access to free caffeine at work ;)
So..I spent a good chunk of the weekend crafting up the handmade goodies for my kits, but somehow I also managed to take some photos. As the film ones are still in the camera, here are some of the things I have snapped digitally over the last few days.
and that's the haps with me.
How have you been?


Nathalie said...

I am excited about Shimelle's class as well (even though I have done it twice before) but I have not even started prepping any album... Maybe I can find some ideas here! ;)
I was thinking of making a mixed media album with items I find everyday... just an idea in my head... not sure if I can make it happen...
And September is also my favorite month here in Southern Cal!

Beth Perry said...

I sooo love looking at your photos. Each one takes me to a different imaginary place.
I have been staying supa busy, too, sista! Seriously...I don't have enough time in the day. lol
I even cut time by staying caught up with blogs during work lunches and breaks. haha
Happy Hump Day!

Melissa said...

happy wednesday!! love all the pics!

A.S.K.-P. said...



your pics!

Tina said...

sounds like september is going to be a great month for you! funny with the plaid, my fall vice is my grey scarf. btw, your blog is so clean and organized and creative. love it all.

Euphoria said...

what gorgeous photos and unique finds!! Sweet blog!

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