Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend recap

This weekend was all about the tasklist. It was pretty much go go go from Friday to Sunday night. Still didn't get everything done, but quite a large amount of things were accomplished.

Spent some good time on the LT boards and galleries catching up on the haps and welcoming our three new Tulip Girls. Exciting things happening over there lately.

Finished a whole layout using some of my hoarded Collage Press goodies. I have tons and tons of photos still to edit from various daily and vacation adventures... and my printer was out of ink so I dug deep and scrapped with an older photo I had on hand. It worked out quite well. Need to wait for some daylight to photograph it before it goes up on the blog.

Spent some very productive and educational time at the local post office. Got in a quick trip to Michaels for more gluestick and another MS craft punch (I'm addicted... thank goodness for coupons).

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary (which is on Monday, but we've both got work) G and I had a lovely brunch on Saturday followed by a fantastic day at the Puyallup Fair (see evidence of photobooth and ferris wheel polaroid as noted in the picture above).

Read two books (I'm a pretty fast reader) and got some quality time at a really good bookstore (one new book and some stationary of which is going to end up in the shop, I think).

Good socializing done with various sets of friends and family.

Saw 500 Days of Summer and it was as good as I was hoping it would be. Sweet and sad and funny. Great music and imagery. Lovely props and costumes. It was very good.

It got a little chilly today, so I got to wear my new cape. It is warm and while I am sad that summer is ending, I do love my autumn wardrobe best.

I've utterly neglected my laundry and the grocery shopping.. but that can wait for after work tomorrow. I am going to savor these last moments of the weekend and do something totally non-productive, like catch up on google reader.  ;)

Have a lovely day.


Beth Perry said...

you DID get alot accomplished! lol great job! Can't wait to see your new projects!

Melissa Mann said...

sounds like a fun weekend! love the ferris wheel polardoid :-)

Aimee said...

I totally shirked laundry and cleaning to have dinner with friends and a glass of wine. Yay for shirking responsibilities. I've got a picture of CJ and I from the photobooth at the fair every year since I was 17... fun fun :)

oh. and i successfully completed my very first mini book this weekend and i think i might be addicted. i thought that was something you should know.

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