Sunday, October 4, 2009

the haps

Been working on editing some photos... realized that I took more photo in August and September than I had thought. This is a good thing though. It means I have lots of fodder for the Bits and Pieces Mini.

BTW, first class post is going live tomorrow. So excited.

Still time to sign up in time for the first giveaway... Shop link is here.

I'll get some sneaks of the book up tomorrow.

Here are some of my recent photos.

and then also a little something new for the shop... after one more trip to the post office to get shipping estimates. :)

hope you had a great weekend!


Vel said...

Your photography is amazing!

Beth Perry said...

love love LOVE your photos!! Especially the closeup of you and your man. Such a great one of you smiling!
New paper looks awesome, too!
have a great Monday!

Christina said...

love the fair pictures!

Melissa Mann said...

love your pictures!

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