Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Status Report

Fall is truly here. This means tons of rain and nice walks in the woods.

Working really really hard to get things wrapped up for the class. Having challenges getting things photographed due to the rain, but I'm making it work. My students seem happy, at any rate.

Got the new Dead by Sunrise album. Currently on my first listen through. Not every song is awesome, but there are enough that I am glad to have gotten it.

Current craft obsessions are glittered objects and Martha Stewart Crafts punches.

On the subject of glitter, while I have recently become very attracted to its shiny and sparkly properties, I am not a fan of loose glitter, as I don't like to have little flecks of shiny stuff everywhere.

The solution I've recently discovered is glittered embossing powder, American Crafts glitter paper, and stickles. Working on a few ideas to share later. It's going to be a sparkly holiday, is all I'm saying. ;)

Label Tulip is sponsoring a challenge blog called Dotty Divas and I was lucky enough to get to play along with them! You can check the challenge out here. If you make something inspired by the challenge, you can win a Label Tulip kit. Good stuff.

Here was my take on the challenge.

I love what the gals on their DT made. I think it's funny that I'm the only one who didn't use the word on the ad "love." I guess I was more inspired by the idea of the letters floating on the page than the concept of love. Hehe.

I am slowly working up to dealing with my "fear of flowers." I made up a really neat embellishment tutorial using buttons and punched pieces of paper for my class. Here is the end result:

I also used some of the samples I made on my "happy" layout (which uses another technique taught in the class, btw.)

You might be seeing these on more of my pages in the future. Lol.

And that's the haps for now. Working on a halloween post for this blog. :)

Hope all is well with you.


Beth Perry said...

awww I love your FLOWERS!!! The fear made them even better! lol
and that layout is killa!!! I love it!! I will def go check out the challenge!
oh and your second photo...yeah, that i pretty much what i have been seeing for 2 weeks! Geez! enough already! lol
Have a great day!

themathchick said...

Love the fall photos! I'm especially fond of the one of the mushrooms. For whatever reason, I'm into ground-level shots lately :) Looking forward to your Halloween post - I love Halloween! Have a good one :)

Vel said...

What wonderful photos and I love that lo. I used to detest flowers (I scrap a little boy and I'm not what you'd call a girly girl...what can I say) but I'm gradually trying to use them more and also making my own flowers to enjoy. Love those button and pp ones you've made.

Melissa Mann said...

love the flowers!!! great pictures!

london tierney said...

I think those are "unconventional" flowers. They suit you! Keep up the cute-ness!

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