Monday, November 30, 2009

My December Daily Book for 2009

Is still totally in progress.

I know that tomorrow is December 1st... but I've been running a little behind on things, getting my class fully wrapped up, working on things for a holiday bazaar, and getting things ready for the December Blog-a-palooza (note: must think of cooler name).

This is what I was thinking of for my cover. It's really cute. See?

Right now, it is just a pile of fabric, felt, paper and various gewgaws.

But I have a plan and I know the following items for certain:
- I'm going to use an American Crafts binder.
- I'm going to be using that red die-cut felt bag from Starbucks SOMEHOW in my book.
- I'm going to be blogging every day... so I can always catch up later. (I mean, I still haven't finished my 2008 book yet, but I'm not stressing.)
The plan is to be blogging daily as I did last year.

I'm also looking forward to enjoying posts from both Ali's December Daily and Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class.

Alright, back to making Christmas.

See you tomorrow!



Genevieve said...

I LOVE your December Dailies and Christmas posts!! Can't wait to see what prettiness you have set up for this year :)

Ps-I also love all your Twitter links, please keep them coming if you can!

Melissa Mann said...

this is beautiful looking!

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