Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video: Unfinished Adventure Minibook

Alright, here is my video blog.

Please excuse the shaky camera work... I need a bit more practice with this kind of thing.

Thanks for watching!

Have a great weekend. :)


Christina said...

this is soo fun!! I'm glad you did this=) Most of my friends are non scrappers so they kinda glaze over when I start talking art etc... It's awesome to see(and hear) others who are crazy about it too =D

Avital said...

Gorgeous album so far (well, you said it's just 75% done ;) )

Thanks for the video!

Nathalie said...

This was fun! It is always interesting to me to see and hear about the creative process of others. Thanks for sharing your work in progress, it looks great!!!

Tara said...

Love it so far!
I have an awful time even getting started on a small album project like that so you're already winning ;)

Joanne said...

That was so much fun and I definitely appreciate the time it took to create it - thanks so much for sharing. I'm hoping there are more of these in the future!!! You definitely gave me lots of good ideas.

Rhayne said...

Love the live page by page... it's easier to see how each page relates to the rest of the album this way then in stills.

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